A Biblical Approach To Handling Grief & Forgiveness

Grief Counseling:  God’s Way

Grief is a sweeping feeling that no one is immune to when a type of loss in our life comes face to face with our heartbroken soul.  Whether it’s the loss of a child, a divorce, infidelity, the ‘empty-nest’ syndrome, the death of a pet or hearing the family doctor’s news of an incurable illness . . . it’s a part of the human experience that God is fully aware of, only to reassure us that our sorrows are temporary and He desires that we cast our burdens upon Him.

The Heartfelt staff understands grief due to their own experiences in their own lives; and they recognize the dynamics of shock and denial and the winding road to eventual acceptance.   We at Heartfelt treat grief as a purposeful experience from God that allows for an opportunity to draw closer to Him and share our grief with others to help ease the burden of its weight.   We understand your grief—we’ve been there, as well.

Allow us to share the hope of Christ in your situation so you can come to the peaceful realization that He is strong enough to carry your burdens, to give your soul the quiet serenity you long for in the midst of your very personal situation.

Psalm 147:3—“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

Forgiveness Counseling:  God’s Way

‘Forgiveness’—the word sounds quite lovely on its own but because of ugliness embedded in our lives that others have seemingly put upon us, that lovely word, ‘forgiveness’ is often buried under layers of hatred, resentment, jealousy and denial with little hope of revealing and appreciating its supernatural power to heal.

From an earthly standpoint, Heartfelt counselors help our clients understand that forgiveness means giving up the justification  to reciprocate and  ‘get even’; forgiveness does not ignore, minimize or excuse the wrong; ‘forgiving’  is  not synonymous with’ forgetting’; forgiveness does not eliminate consequences for the wrong-doer; and forgiveness does not wait for the offender to apologize.

Because forgiving someone of severely hurting you can be very difficult, we, again, encourage our clients to think ‘perspective’, ‘perspective’, ‘perspective’.   God would remind us that forgiveness is not so much for the offender as it is for the offended.  We embolden our clients to forgive others, not because the offenders deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace!—it’s all about inner peace, isn’t it?  And that kind of peace can be found only through God’s Word that can bring powerful, new perspectives into the light—God’s light and God’s perspectives!  And that is what Heartfelt Christian Counseling is all about!

Matthew 6:14—“For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”

Regardless of any issue you or a loved one might be facing, Heartfelt Christian Counseling’s overriding theme emphasizes relinquishing control over to God and surrendering the pain, the hurt, the worry and the shame and guilt.   We are all only human with a myriad of weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can be likened to small children without supervision—in other words, if our challenges are left unattended, the results can be disastrous.

The Heartfelt Christian Counseling team welcomes your call or a visit to our office!  Let our family get to know your family and let’s work together, through the power of Christ, towards healing, hope and restoration!