Do you take health care insurance plan payments?

Yes. We accept with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas as well as those BCBS plans from the other states and insurance companies listed at the bottom of each page. If you wish to use insurance not shown, please contact us for our current insurance acceptance list.

Heartfelt Counseling Staff are not in-network with any HMO insurance plan. If a prospective client wishes to use a PPO insurance plan or their employer-offered Employer Assistance Program benefits, they must first contact their program administrators to confirm their eligibility for counseling services offered by a specific HCC counselor.

We also offer self-pay plans that can get you the help you need despite the changes made by the health care industry to their health plans that have significantly increased deductible payments. Let us help get you beyond the financial issues holding you back.

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Who provides counseling at Heartfelt Christian Counseling?

Heartfelt Christian Counselors are fully qualified Licensed Professional Counselors licensed and regulated by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, Austin Texas.

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Are there any limitations to your services?

We make every effort to help those who may be struggling with a variety of mental and emotional issues—failing relationships, grief, addictions, and depression. Some conditions may require prescription drugs along with counseling or in-patient care. Heartfelt Christian Counseling partnered with area physicians and clinics to provide these services. We can help you find the help you need.

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Where can I find information about group meeting dates and times?

Our event page gives you access to meeting dates and times. You’ll even find information about events that might interest you or somebody you know.

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What can I expect to learn at one of your counseling sessions?

It really depends on what you’ve come to us for. In general, we’ll do our best to provide guidance and support for whatever you’re dealing with. We’ll teach you how to cope with your current situation and overcome the struggles you’re experiencing. There’s a bright side to every story.

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