HCC Counselors work with a variety of age groups. These groups include children as young as pre-school and kindergarten. When working with children and adolescents, it is helpful to work within the framework of play therapy. We provide a dedicated room that allows children to freely express themselves. The room allows the use of Sand Tray therapy, play therapy, and interactive therapy. This allows our counselors to provide a child-friendly holistic counseling environment.

Anger Management

Learn to manage anger instead of allowing anger to control you. Often, we think of anger as shouting, slamming doors, or physical violence. But, often, it is much more subtle and can be just as deadly—ruining relationships, decreased job performance, and dire long-term health consequences. In Anger Management, we examine the roots of anger, and discuss and learn ways to defuse anger responses so that everyone lives joy-filled, enriched lives.

“Bully-proofing Yourself”

Bullying has been around schools forever. While sometimes described as a “normal” part of growing up, this is NOT the case. Clinical studies have shown that bullying can lead to long-term emotional problems that last throughout one’s adult life. We discuss why this type of behavior happens, how it affects middle school and high school students, how to stop it, and most importantly, how to treat bully victims and help them recover. With treatment conducted using the right approach, a healthy future exists for those who hurt and those who have been hurt.