About Heartfelt Christian Counseling, PLLC

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Our Mission:

To create a safe, nurturing therapeutic environment where mental health professionals foster the healthy relational growth of our clients.

Our Business:

Heartfelt Christian Counseling is a woman, veteran-owned business located for the past eight-years in Rowlett, Texas.

Why Christian Counseling?

“Jesus Christ is the central aspect of Christianity. Christianity is not a philosophy, it is about a person, and that person is central to all Christian faith.” (Stedman, Ray C., “Who is Jesus?”) The heartfelt relationship you have with that person forms the basis of the relationship you have with God (The Vertical) and all of creation (The Horizontal). No matter what you believe, you have had to make a decision regarding your Vertical Relationship. This decision then totally affects your Horizontal Relationships with everyone and everything around you.

Woman in Blue on CouchChrist-focused counseling directs its efforts toward strengthening the client’s sense of growing more Christ-like as opposed to counseling that seeks to restore to some balance the “Me” inside the client. When the vertical relationship is sound, then those bent, broken, hurt-filled relationships found on the horizontal can begin to heal. We have the experience and the qualifications to help you grow and strengthen both your Vertical and Horizontal heartfelt relationships.